We may have to change the 100 mile course.

Important Update for 100 Mile Runners

Hi !

We are so excited about the race next week! We have a solid team of people to help produce the race, and can't wait for you to come experience what Bryce has to offer. Those of you who live near Bryce will know that we have experienced a very wet winter this year. This is a great thing for the area considering we have been suffering from a drought for several years now, but it may have come at a cost to our race.

The greater portion of the 100 mile course is still under several feet of snow, making it virtually impossible for us to access aid station locations. The snow has been melting quickly, however the ground is still saturated with water with nowhere for it to drain, so aid station accessibility is still an issue.

We have been working closely with the Forest Service to come up with some viable options. As of right now we are still planning to run the course we have designed for you. I am sending you this email just to inform you and let you know we could be changing the course.

If we do have to change the course, as of right now the best "Plan B" option is to run the 50 mile course twice. This would not effect anybody looking to qualify for Western States. We have reached out to them and they have assured us that it will still qualify. We will be finalizing plans in the next couple days and will notify you as soon as we know things for sure.

If we end up going to our Plan B course it will change crew access and drop bag access points. We will provide you with this information in the next couple of days if we decide to go that route.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you might have. We are happy to help any way that we can.

Lyle Anderson
Event Director, 2019 Bryce Canyon Ultras

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